Canada's 150 Year Anniversary




Praise for Hallmark . . .

As St Clare was a light in her century, we pray the same for Emily as her poetic talent illumines our century and anniversary year. 

--Sister Claire Marie Blondin, osc

    Monastery of St. Clare in Mission, B.C.

Praise for The Blossom Jar . . .

The Blossom Jar touches on the fact that even though others may live differently than us; all behaviour makes sense, although we may not condone or understand it. Acceptance and compassion go a long way to understanding someone's story. 

--Lexi Richards, director of Community Kitchens in Mission, B.C.

Praise for Victoriana . . .

Victoriana draws you into the majesty of the past and gives hope for the future.

--Brian Headley, director of the Listening Prayer Community in Mission, B.C.

   Speaker and counsellor

Praise for A Familiar Shore . . .

"I took up my favored pen / and the meter of the salt roar, / the splendid gathering of stony shells / and aged driftwood / splashed off the pages…" This lyrical mythic collection with its motifs of healing and nurturing will transport you to places you have never been, in the company of surprising characters and creatures.

--Violet Nesdoly 

   Poet, author of Destiny’s Hands

Praise for Snowflake Princess . . .

Snowflake Princess is a wonderful book of prose-poetry in which Emily Isaacson walks with you through the beauty of nature with unique exhilarating perception. She takes you on a peaceful journey through heavenly realms with the Divine as you discover purpose and meaning for your life. Taking the painful tragedies of life, and turning them into triumph, her colorful words dance off the pages and fill your heart with healing better than any physician. She escorts you out of the miry pit and leads you straight to the pearly gates of heaven. Reading this magnificent book will calm the storms in your life!

--Preston Bailey, Ph.D. Psychologist

Praise for House of Rain . . .

Having just discovered Emily Isaacson’s work, I can truthfully say I am now a fan for life! Emily is a wordsmith who captures emotion with her pen as an artist captures colour with her brush. Her poems stirred my heart and caused me to stop and ponder. And isn’t that what poetry should do…

--Lianna Klassen

Singer, Songwriter

Praise for Hours From A Convent . . .

--Della Headley, counsellor and speaker

<span style=">   Director of the Listening Prayer Community

Praise for The Fleur-de-lis . . .

Attempting to pen a few comments on Emily Isaacson’s new work is like a caveman with a chisel and stone trying to capture a resplendent, golden sunset.  Emily is a painter, a sculptor, a ballerina with words.  Her creation is to be savoured and sipped slowly on a grassy knoll, not swallowed hurriedly.  Let the reader dance with the poet as she takes one into times past, or to enjoy nature with new eyes, or to be drawn closer to the Creator – in English or in French. The Fleur-de-lis is a delight.

--Marc Dalton, former MLA for Mission B.C.